Karen O'Neill


Karen has been painting and winning awards since her college days at California College of the Arts, and later earning a special teaching credential in art and a degree from California State University San Jose. She is an active member of many art organizations and has won numerous awards. She was one of the founders of the Iron Door Gallery in Murphys, California. She has exhibited in many galleries, including ones in Carmel, California and Taos, New Mexico. Karen was represented for over 20 years by the recently closed Harbinger Gallery in Arnold and Murphys, California. Today her work is on exhibit at the Art on Main gallery in Murphys, California. Karen and her husband, Mike, live in northern California's Sierra foothills, which is a beautiful area to live in and for her to get inspiration to paint.

Karen paints with fluid acrylics and watercolors. Her paintings often start with a spontaneous abstract background, using strong colors and lots of paint. After studying her background painting from many angles, she visualizes areas that could become flowers, vases, fish, trees, etc. She then captures those areas, bringing her painting to life. Her technique of applying many layers of paint and then lifting off some of the top layers in selected areas, adds an exciting textural interest to her paintings. Her challenge, and her passion, is exploring new and exciting ways to put a contemporary spin on traditional subjects.