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Giclée Prints

The word giclée (pronounced gee'clay) originated in 1991 to refer to fine-art prints created using digital output. Gicler is the French verb "to spray" or to squirt from a nozzle. Giclée is now the term used to distinguish fine-art prints from prints created for commercial use.

Though the printing method is similar, the printers that are used to produce fine-art giclée prints are not your standard desktop inkjet printer. These printers are capable of using large rolls of acid-free archival paper or canvas to print very large images. The use of special light-fast inks can allow the prints to remain true for over 100 years. Though the prints are coated with a UV coating, they, like any original painting, should never be hung in direct sunlight. These superb quality reproductions start with a professionally made photograph, preferably a transparency (which is then scanned), or from professional digital captures of the painting. The artist works closely with the printer in this preproduction stage, often going through many adjustments before a final image is approved and ready to print on an as-needed basis.

Karen's originals are painted on arcival watercolor paper, or canvas. She wants her giclée prints to be as close to her original paintings as possible in color and in texture, so she has each print reproduced on the same surface as her original works. All prints on this website are printed using special light-fast inks on acid-free archival paper with a UV coating unless otherwise stated. All Karen's prints are signed, numbered, and in limited editions. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity.